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Visit the Akagera Coffee Project in Rwanda.

During my last trip to Rwanda I had the pleasure of visiting one of the best coffee plantations in the country, ovvero Akagera Coffee Project. I'll tell you about my experience in this beautiful country.

He arrived at the coffee project in Rwanda

He created the Coffee Project it is one of the coffee plantations that I had the opportunity to visit during my last trip to Rwanda. He created the Coffee Project it is located in the province of Kayonza in the eastern part of the country and takes its name from the national park of the same name which is located a few kilometers from the plantation and is home to most of the African flora and fauna, If you pass through here you can't miss it. The owner of the plantation welcomes us, il signor Egide Murindababisa. Egide has a degree in computer science, but due to the death of his parents in 2012 decides to embark on an entrepreneurial career and to create the Rusave cooperative which will subsequently take the name of Akagera Coffee Project Ltd in 2017.

The advent of ACP has had a great impact on the local population by promoting youth and female employment, at the moment more than 1150 farmers work on coffee cultivation. Furthermore, farmer families are involved in social and economic projects such as teaching tailoring, entrepreneurship in the agricultural field and there is a nursery school for farmers' children. As an additional benefit He created the Coffee Project reinvests the 30% of their profit on farmers' plantations.

When he arrived at the coffee project, he told me

The coffee that is processed He created the Coffee Project comes from the region of a thousand hills, located in the west of the country and is of the bourbon arabic variety. The plantations are located at altitudes ranging between 1450 e 2400 meters and are Rainforest Alliance certified. Currently Mr Murindababisha manages two “washing station” that is, facilities where coffee cherries are processed after harvesting. Once the ripe cherries reach ACP they can be processed according to customer requests, or natural method, washed or honey. Currently the coffee beans of He created the Coffee Project are exported to 15 countries and contribute to increasing the fame of this excellent product, which is rated among specialty coffees with a score between 85% and 94%.


If you happen to be in Rwanda you can book a visit to the plantation and the washing station, Furthermore, in the immediate vicinity there is one of their cafés where it is possible to taste an excellent dish espresso or filter coffee.

Address He reaches Kayonza Road, Rwinkwavu, Rwanda

Whatsapp number +250 788351395

E-mail [email protected]

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/akageracoffee/

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